Meet the cast

The Variants cast with LBFA artists
The cast of The Variants, Richard, Keli, Ken and Barry with Let’s Be Friends Again creators Curt Franklin and Chris Haley


Keli is the cool head of Zeus Comics – the rational one who can keep all the plates spinning while keeping a smile on her face. It’s a skill she’s learned well from her part-time gig as an actress in straight-to-video horror and her other part-time gig dressing up as princesses for childrens’ birthday parties. Keli’s willing to play along with Terry and Svenus’s master plan for Zeus Comics Worldwide up to a point, though she’s skeptical of their motives.

FUN FACT ABOUT KELI: Keli stockpiles Peeps every Easter to last through the year. They usually make it about a month.


Richard is the proprietor of Zeus Comics, known primarily for his enthusiasm, disconnect from reality and occasional bouts of shark-like business savvy. It’s hard to say if Richard is really as ditzy as he seems, or if he’s just putting everyone on. Or both. Richard is completely on board with Terry and Svenus’s plan, and will do, say and wear anything to make Zeus Comics Worldwide a success.

FUN FACT ABOUT RICHARD: Richard has appeared on over a dozen prominent reality shows under different aliases. He is a master of disguise.


Barry is the cynic of the Zeus Comics crew, always bringing the dreamer and fanboy alike down with a harsh reality check. In his coal black heart still beats a love for comic books and even a little bit of fanboy joy, but he’s been burned too many times to be anything but a realist.

FUN FACT ABOUT BARRY: Barry is the real genius behind LOLCats, because Barry is the internet’s leading cat lady.


Every comic shop needs a complete weirdo. That’s Vlad. There’s some debate as to whether he came to the building when Zeus opened, or if he was part of the lease. As the gatekeeper to Zeus’s hidden wealth, Vlad leveraged himself onto Terry and Svenus’s Board of Directors. What he intends to do with his newfound power is anyone’s guess.

FUN FACT ABOUT VLAD: Vlad sleeps upside down, like a bat. And he keeps his eyes open.



Lawyer and assistant to Svenus Jorgin, Terry is the manager for Zeus Comics Worldwide and “bad cop” to Svenus’s “good cop.” Terry’s not afraid to crack the whip, and he has a concrete vision for the company… one he’s not sharing with anyone else. Though Terry represents Svenus, they act more like partners than employer and employee.

FUN FACT ABOUT TERRY: Terry hates fun facts.


Eccentric bajillionaire, former model, entrepreneur and raconteur, Svenus Jorgin seems like the classic playboy who throws his money around to have a little fun. But even though Terry plays the iron fist to Svenus’s velvet glove, Svenus isn’t afraid to put his foot down to get his way. Svenus has a vision, and he wants everyone to fall in line with it.

FUN FACT ABOUT SVENUS: Svenus recently unveiled “God’s Balls,” a cologne for men.


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